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Waffles for Esther

Waffles for Esther

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Are you ready for a coffee caper? 
A sherbet soirée? 
Do you want to tango with a small-town troubled by treacherous tea times? 
Don’t waffle on your decisions, the order is getting cold, and so is the case.

Your shift has just started

You are a waitress trying to deliver a hot plate of freshly made waffles to your favorite regular: Esther. These are her everyday waffles she gets with her everyday order: 

  • A coffee - one sugar, a splash of milk
  • Waffles with two strawberries, sliced, with apple jam syrup on the side
  • Later she’ll get a plate of hash browns, extra ketchup to finish it all up

But as you return with Esther’s waffles, she is nowhere to be found. She’s your favorite regular, and so you take it upon yourself to find out where she’s gone. 

Did she pop out for a quick errand?
Is there an insidious plot underway? 



Waffles for Esther is a lighthearted mystery journaling game where you play as a small-town waitress searching for your favorite regular customer who has gone missing. 

 As Esther’s usual order of coffee, waffles, and hash browns grow cold, you set off on an adventure around town to find clues and piece together what might have happened! 

Did Esther pop out on a quick errand, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Explore quirky locations, meet eccentric townsfolk, and overcome zany hijinks using your skills as a waitress and amateur sleuth to eventually solve the mystery of Esther’s disappearance. Waffles for Esther is a solo experience, so grab a notebook, dice, and deck of cards and get ready to write your way through a curious coffee  caper.

Needed materials: paper, pen, dice set (coin, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12), deck of cards.
Time to play: 30–90 minutes
Size: Digital, A5, 12 pages
License: Released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. You are welcome to take this game and make it yours, hack it, or make something totally new with its mechanics, even commercially.

A Hints and Hijinx Game

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