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Vast Grimm: Adventures in the Volatile Verse #2

Vast Grimm: Adventures in the Volatile Verse #2

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This 32 page + cover Zine is packed full of adventures all across the Volatile 'Verse!
This issue contains:
The Remains of Colony Delta by Vic Prano
The Omega Protocol by Janet Forbes & Dimitris Romeo
Hostility Engram by Dayv Cole & David Gallaher

With new Random Encounter & Scavenging for food charts, as well as a Traveling Filling Station by Brian Colin and Ross Brandt


Zine Specs
  • 32 Interior Pages 157g matte finish
  • 250g Cover coated in a soft-touch laminate
  • 6" x 8.5' to match the size of the Vast Grimm core book
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