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Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland

Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland

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In this expansion to the award-winning Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying you will find a complete guide to the supernatural British-Irish Isles including the great city of London and the countryside beyond. Mythic Britain & Ireland is written by industry legend Graeme Davis and illustrated by Johan Egerkrans and Anton Vitus.

Key features:

  • Information about the British Society, its founders, 

  • A gazetteer of the sprawling city of London, complete 
with adventure locations and secret societies. 
A guide to the mythology of Mythic Britain & 
Ireland, with information on a score of mythological 
locations across the islands. 

  • A chapter detailing several mythical beings with stats, 
background information, story seeds, and variants. 

  • Three new complete mysteries to play. 

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