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Dungeon scribe

Dungeon Scribe’s Magical Oddities Volume 3

Dungeon Scribe’s Magical Oddities Volume 3

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Items aren’t stagnant, from trinket to blade they all hold stories and memories. They are Magic.

Dungeon Scribe’s Magical Oddities is a collection of 500+of these stories with the offer to make new memories at your table. This 5th-Edition & BFR (Black Flag Roleplaying) Tome is a sourcebook for GMs, filled with unique magical items to grow your table's arsenal and empower players and NPCs in unique ways. The fully-illustrated cards hold quick reference icons and segmented text features to streamline player use to preserve immersion. From a simple arrow to a relic of the ages past, these treasures are the yarn with which you can weave a worldbuilding tapestry. Feed the Loot Goblins!

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