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Exalted Funeral Press

Ultraviolet Grasslands Map Pack

Ultraviolet Grasslands Map Pack

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Unfurl the scroll of your unparalleled adventure with UVG: Grand Map 2 - the second coming in psychedelic metal roleplaying.

Spanning a colossal six feet (or twelve hands) in length, this monument to fantasy road trips is the longest map of its kind, printed on uncoated stock inviting your personal touch. Chart your course, celebrate your victories, and sketch stories only you can weave.

Seamlessly expanded from the original, UVG: Grand Map 2 now ventures into the polychrome expanses of the Circle Sea and the radiant Sunrise Lands - harbingers of Our Golden Age, perhaps?

UVG: Grand Map 2 - your canvas to carve an odyssey across time and space. Dare to survey the ultraviolet grasslands, pioneer the uncharted, and etch your mark on the grand tapestry of the Given World.
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