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&&&&&&&& Treasure

&&&&&&&& Treasure

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Luke Gearing disassembles the wealth of the oldest treasury. &&&&&&&&& Treasure breaks with tradition twice - inventing new items whilst re-imagining the old, a mutant cousin to the Little Brown Books.


  • Treasure tables re-organised to be legible and usable - no more letter codes.
  • d12 coins with value beyond their constituent minerals. 
  • d20 cultural artefacts discovered in forgotten places.
  • d20 weapons and their associated folklore.
  • d20 armours of dire provenance.
  • d20 potions re-imagined from the old.
  • d20 rings bearing the legacy of their origin.
  • d10 staves and their designs upon the world. 
  • d10 grimoires beyond ink and paper.
  • d20 items of mixed form and troubling usage.
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