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Through the Breach: Core Rules 2E

Through the Breach: Core Rules 2E

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Journey back to the early 1900s, where a dimensiona¬l rift has opened into the world of Malifaux and forever changed human history. Steam power and steel collide with magic and monsters in this dangerous and exciting roleplayin¬g game. Are you brave enough to change the destiny laid out before you?

The second edition of Through the Breach is on its way! Featuring updated rules, expanded Pursuits and a comprehens¬ive bestiary, this edition will give players everything they need to adventure in the world on the other side of the Breach.

Backwards Compatible¬!
The second edition of Through the Breach will remain compatible with all of our previously released adventures and expansion books, including Into the Steam, Under Quarantine and Into the Bayou.

Wyrd is continuing to provide support for Through the Breach with regular releases of Penny Dreadful adventures and faction expansion books, such as the upcoming Above the Law, which delves into the hierarchy and secrets of the tyrannical Guild and after that, From Nightmares¬, which explores the secrets of the mysterious Neverborn.

Cheating Fate has never been easier!

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