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Exalted Funeral Press



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A brand new story-adventure awaits you! Try and survive this wild, nameless crystal sphere.  Eat godmeat! Party with Chaos Faeries! Run with a herd of rainbows! For use with Troika!

 MAIN STORY: The players are lost in the depths of the mirrormind skies, shipwrecked upon an uncharted forest world. Abandoned, hollowed-out spheres float above them, exquisite and doom-laden. 

SUPPORTING STORIES: The GM weaves multiple stories to create a vibrant, living world for the players to interact with:

  • A scheming devotee of Chaos gleefully willing to sacrifice anything to resurrect and long-forgotten god.
  • A village of dreamers and artisans living off the fat of that god's soulless shell of a body.
  • A cohort of mechanical knights whose faith has been eroded by their tedious, millennia-long vigil.
  • An intrepid doctor determined to experience the wildest aspects of the Omniverse.


  • The Village That Eats Its God Every Night - an idyllic place with a novel universal food security system.
  • The Forest Primordia - a lush, vibrant woodland full of slug spawns, reverse lightning, and drunken trees! 
  • The Deconstructed Ziggurat - a crumbling stronghold with secrets divine and somber.


  • A Hex Crawl
  • A Dungeon Crawl
  • 11 new backgrounds, including Mindseed Revelator and Pandemonic Splendorist
  • New enemies, including morose, mechanical knights, and a resurrected Chaos Lord!
  • All original art
  • A 5+ hour playlist to set the mood
  • Randomizers for Character Backstory, Chaos Portals, godmeat-induced dreams, and more!
  • 52 pages of science-fantasy adventure
  • One oversized, spiteful battery
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