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REGICIDE (Softcover)

REGICIDE (Softcover)

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From Graven-Tosk he marches on.

The Forgotten King rose from his grave with a skeletal horde of immense proportions. The current state of the world displeases him, as nobody seems to remember his deeds. It doesn't matter if the apocalypse approaches; this situation is intolerable and needs to be dealt with. While he marches toward the city of Grift, droves of desperate fugitives flee from the approaching undead horde. Weird black wax oozes from the terrain, polluting wells and making the air warm and stale in the near forest of Sarkash. Food is scarce, and plenty of deranged individuals are ready to do anything to survive...even if only for one more day. The Forgotten King's ultimate goal is unknown. Only one thing is certain: before the end, everyone will remember his name.

About the Book:

Regicide is a brutal third-party campaign for Forbidden Psalm, the 28mm miniature-agnostic wargame. Up to two players can combine their efforts or prey on each other in order to survive - all while an undead horde marches on killing everything in its path. Regicide is not a stand-alone game, and a copy of Forbidden Psalm is required to play. This campaign is also compatible with the In The Footsteps of the Mad Wizard expansion.


  • FEED your warband. Your undead enemies don't need to eat or rest, but you do.  Don't worry if things go awry, there is always a way to get something to sink your teeth into...   
  • Guiding a warband of scum through Graven-Tosk and Sarkash isn't easy; random events between scenarios will shake up your plans. Be prepared to encounter all sorts of weird situations, both fortuitous and hazardous.
  • Lots of desperate figures populate the dying world. Useless Mouths will sometimes decide to join your warband in order to get a meal or gain protection from the approaching horde. They're way less controllable than your usual pets and mercenaries. Wretched Nobles, Dispossessed Villagers and other strange individuals are pleading for shelter. Can you provide for them too?
  • Return your troops back to the battlefield with the Undead state. Use the brand-new, undead-specific d20 flaws table to see what can go horribly wrong when coming back from the afterlife.
  • An army of new monsters, divided between the HORDE and the VICTIMS, is eager to both kill your warband members and steal your stuff.
  • 12 new tied-in scenarios will be presented as highly connected from a narrative standpoint. The results of some of them may even influence how others are played.
  • The campaign will have multiple finales. Depending on how well your warband performs, you may end up in different places.
  • New terrains: forests, tents and defensive measures that can be added to your standard Forbidden Psalm games.
  • Though the campaign was designed as a brutal versus game where your survival will come at the detriment of your opponent, all scenarios can also be played in solo or co-op mode.

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