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Print Weaver

Print Weaver

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Your lantern cuts through the dark mists. The forest path twists as you see your own blood leading into the brush. You’re hopelessly lost and wounded.

As the forest floor gives way to rough stone, the walls of an abandoned castle becoming quickly apparent, your lantern flickers out. You struggle to light it, as you feel sharp claws pierce your flesh once more. Your vision fills with inky darkness and you awaken again, safe within the walls of a Shrine. 

This is the third time you have died.

About the Game:

Print Weaver combines an approachable form of palmistry and high fantasy roleplay in a gothic soulslike tabletop game for 2-7 players. 

Player’s characters, called Travelers, are decided entirely by their own fingerprints, revive upon death, and must make their way through monster-ridden fallen kingdoms. The core game rules focus on creative group combat, resource, inventory and point management, dungeon delving, and survival across long stretches of travel.

Print Weaver’s Features:

  • Character generation only requires one’s fingerprints.
  • Permanent characters that make moving between tables easy and fluid.
  • Leveless and classless progression systems that encourage worldbuilding.
  • Easy d10 dice pool system that is quick to learn and use.
  • Fingerprint-based generation tables for Towns, NPCs and a variety of Monsters
  • Tables of 100s of magic rings and scrolls that take heavy inspiration from Dark Souls and the Legend of Zelda’s Oracle Games.

Print Weaver’s Setting:

  • Core setting is dangerous, gothic, and dark - Travelers move about the world, rest at Shrines, and slay Monsters to harvest their blood.
  • Ink (Monster Blood) is used to enchant weapons, heal oneself, and protect one’s camps from the senses of lurking Monsters.
  • Shrines, sites of revival, are tended to by Print Weavers, handmaidens of a mysterious divine force known as Providence, who presides over the soul.
  • Equipment is rare and inventory is dropped upon death, there are high stakes to falling during exploration and combat.
  • Lost equipment may be repurposed as equipment by local Monsters.
  • All Monsters may be salvaged and turned into equipment.
  • The bodies of fallen Travelers rise as powerful zombies known as Printless, who are the only monsters able to permanently kill Travelers.
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