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Exalted Funeral Press

Primal Quest Essentials

Primal Quest Essentials

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Weird stone and sorcery adventures await!

Introducing Primal Quest - Essentials, a streamlined set of rules for weird stone & sorcery adventures in a mythical world, where humanity survives side by side with dinosaurs, aliens, and creatures more ancient than the world itself, created by EnNie Award winning author Diogo Nogueira (Halls of the Blood King).

Inside you will find:
  • A streamlined rules system, using only d6s, that gives you degrees of success, additional consequences, and narrative control with a single dice roll.
  • Character creation rules that are quick, intuitive, and incredibly flexible, allowing the creation of distinctive characters.
  • Rules for resource management, encumbrance, and durability that makes the gritty primal world come to life without complexity.
  • Combat and healing rules that make conflict exciting and dangerous. Combat won’t always be the wisest option.
  • An open magic system encouraging creativity, ingenuity, and making sorcery powerful yet costly.
  • Rules for making the game easy to run, improvise for, and just fun for the Referee.
  • A mini-hexcrawl that allow you to play immediately and begin your immersion in The Primal World of Thaia.
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