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Exalted Funeral Press



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Welcome to Pax Reptiliana, where the horrors are mundane and the desperation isn't so much quiet as deadened. It's the cyberpunk future we were promised/threatened with, sans the cool.

It's intended for use with Troika! but you can use it for whatever. Inside you'll find:

  • 82 pages chock-full of gameable content, original illustrations, cheap visual gags and bad puns. No form of humor is too low!
  • d66 PC Backgrounds for you to play out your paranoid fantasies.
  • 12 unique Sights inhabited by over 30 dead-inside NPCs
  • 20+ Cryptids including Hologhosts, Chupacabras, Giant Sludge Worms as well as, of course, Reptoid and Gray aliens.
  • 13 new Spells guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND!*
  • A buncha random Stuff like Meat Guns and Nanotube Plugs to throw your hard-earned Gipperscrip at.
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