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Exalted Funeral Press

Old School Essentisals: The Vorpal Almanac

Old School Essentisals: The Vorpal Almanac

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Hail and well met traveler!

Welcome to the Vorpal Almanac!


You hold in your hands a tome most prestigious, said to have been scribed by the sure, steady hand of the goddess of swords herself!

Her pen, a rapier!

Her scribbles, the blood of countless challengers!

Her words, a scripture of violence!


About the Vorpal Almanac:

Within these pages you will find 22 magical blades of all sorts. Dare you harness the inner magic of the crystalline sword Mournshard? Are you willing to pay the price
to tame the hellbound blade Nygotha, the Crimson Requiem? Do you possess the mettle to command Videns, the Sword of Many Teeth?

Contained within are full descriptions for each blade’s powers and abilities, but also it’s dark history and secret lore on the long road to falling into its latest wielder’s

These weapons can be placed into ongoing campaigns, dropped into a one shot, or you can sample the flavor and use it all elsewhere. 

Can you master these eldritch sword

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