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adam bell

my brain is a stick of butter

my brain is a stick of butter

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my brain is a stick of butter is a solo roleplaying game about living a week with ADHD and how hard it can be to balance all of the tasks life expects you to complete. It takes about 30-60 minutes to play, at which point you can step out of the game world and back into your real life. You'll need the book (or a printout of the playsheet), a deck of playing cards, and a six-sided die to play.

Go about your days trying to do your job, maintain your social relationships, get all your chores done, and find time to enjoy yourself. It’s not exactly intended to be a fun game to play, but I do believe you’ll find it to be informative. You might not get everything done that you want to this week, but you will hopefully learn a lot about life with ADHD after playing.

The game is designed to replicate the designer's personal experience with the constant background thrum of executive dysfunction that stems from my ADHD. The deck of cards and the Brain Die are meant to represent the lack of agency felt when choosing what tasks to focus on at any given time. A lot of times, things go according to plan. But just as often, one's mind and attention are pulled in another direction.

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