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Kobold Press

Kobold: Guide to Combat

Kobold: Guide to Combat

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At the heart of every adventure lies conflict.

A Full-Throated Battle Cry, the Clash of Swords, the Smell of Smoke & Blood... COMBAT!

Whether it’s between a cursed knight and an elf prince at swordspoint, adventurers facing down an ogre, or two great armies clashing for ultimate power, combat changes everything.

Between these covers, more than 15 master game designers and storytellers get into the thick of it. These essays cover strategy and tactics, and the history of military systems at war. They demonstrate how to increase the tension in a conflict, and use monsters, magic, and war machines on the field. And these creators show you how to create great combat on the tabletop and in your storytelling.

Open these pages and enter the fray!

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