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Grab your cursed six-shooter, round up your herd of tarantula-goats, pick up that bounty for the Rio Grande Waterman and get ready to square off against supernatural gunfighter Wild Bill Ho-Tep!

Planet X Games is back with an all-new, all-different zine dedicated solely to resources for your wild WEIRD west roleplaying games. King Tut’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Weird West Extravabonanza is devoted strictly to cool new scenarios, bad ass NPCs, supernatural items from the frontier, all-new monsters and challenges, unique locations and weird west resources for your tabletop games.


About the Game:

King Tut’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Weird West Extravabonanza is chock full of all-new resources for your weird west games. Whether you’re playing traditional wild west shoot em’ ups from the early days of gaming or you’re robbing stagecoaches with fancy new rules, this zine will make your games WEIRDER. In fact, that’s just what we’re focusing on with this zine… keeping your players off balance and intrigued by introducing strange locations, bizarre new elements, curious NPCs and unpredictable items with a weird western feel. These are resources that you can use straight from the page to the table - we want you to take this stuff, use what you want and ditch the rest. There’s even 3 all-new weird west mini-scenarios to challenge a multitude of players and styles.


Some highlights from this zine include:

Downright Sinister Fellers, Wicked Folk and Other Old Timey Rascals

Them Places What Was Damned

Miss Kitty’s Roadhouse, the Bordello of the Monster Girls

Doctor Solomon Potter’s Weird West Dimestore Museum and Traveling Roadshow

Forsaken Jim-Jams, Unusual Gee-Gaws and Other Creepy Objects of the Weird West

All’s Fair in Fistfights and Gunpowder - Perks and Drawbacks of the Weird West

The Town That Dreaded Crème Filling - A Low-Challenge Weird West Scenario

The Chittering Lullaby of Father Locust - A Mid-Challenge Weird West Scenario

A Fistful of Draculas - A High-Challenge Weird West Scenario

Here There Be Monsters!

What this zine ISN’T is an entire game system on its own. To use King Tut’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Weird West Extravabonanza, you’re gonna need an existing wild western RPG like Boot Hill, Aces & Eights, Deadlands or Weird Frontiers, all of which are awesome games in their own right. The zine is system agnostic and focuses on the unique resources provided within, rather than hard rules and crunchy numbers.

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