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An uncharted expanse! An ancient ziggurat! A blasphemous secret! Do you dare enter the forsaken tomb of the Mummy Bride?

Hate and horror gave it life... but nothing could bring it death! In the hell-pit of this centuries-old tomb the accursed Mummy Bride lies in wait, ready to unleash a horror beyond imagination! Do your players dare penetrate the forsaken pyramid's inner chambers and overcome its terrible guardians to come face to face with the Mummy Bride in the shattered vestiges of her ancient tomb?

Tales of the cursed pyramid and the sleeping tomb of the Mummy Bride have long been a traveler’s tale, passed along by wayward explorers and greedy plunderers alike. Deep within the verdant jungles of the south, amidst a Green Hell of impenetrable jungle, savage cannibals and ancient myth, lies the shattered remnants of a once-powerful civilization and the terrible gods who ruled over them. Rumors swirl of untold riches and un-plundered magic for those brave (or foolish!) enough to claim it. Will your players survive… and what will be left of them?

What is Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride?

The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and devilishly-designed dungeons cram-packed with b-movie goodness to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers.  It’s a module that could only have been made in the primitive jungles of man… where life is cheap!

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