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“The time has come for an ancient viking heist. Upon the sea there is a horn that blows and summons a kraken to destroy all ships. The horn is being blown by your enemy, the forces of vile Hakon. Thus, your jarl sends you on a heist. Steal the horn before it blows again. On this mission the party will discover both cruelty and wonder. Can they steal the horn of the kraken from fortified Winchester, or will they die trying?”

Based on Stephen B. Pearl’s novel Horn of the Kraken, this is the second in a series of brand new Adventures for the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok role-playing game. This Adventure assumes familiarity with the basic rules of the system, but an advanced understanding is not necessary.

The Horn of the Kraken adventure includes:

  • 6 ready-made player characters for immediate pick-up and play, including “Halla Sea Born” a Selkie Archetype exclusive to this adventure series
  • A deep and engaging 100+ page adventure good for 4 to 6 sessions of play, but filled with jumping-off points that could keep the game going forever
  • Layout specially designed for ease-of-use for the game master, the “Norn”, with references and on-the-fly events so no homework is required to run a great adventure.
  • A dozen terrible beasts, fiendish enemies, and things that go bump in the darkness of Fimbulwinter for the characters to encounter.
  • An adventure that is complete, but also a continuation of Sea 1: Dead Man’s Blade, with the same characters now older and wiser. Each Adventure in the series is a jumping-on point and can be played without the others. The daring saga of the seas will continue in a forthcoming adventures in the Sea series.

Whether this is your introduction to Fate of the Norns, or just your first foray into its icy waters, Horn of the Kraken is an exciting adventure with a compelling thread, offering a rich sandbox in the city of Winchester, and your greatest opportunity yet for the best in Viking mayhem.

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