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Helkara Campaign Sourcebook

Helkara Campaign Sourcebook

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Enter the brutal and unforgiving world of Helkara, where the sun shines for 88 days and the darkness lasts for another 88. All humans must struggle to survive within a narrow band of habitable land near the planet's north pole, ruled over by sorcerer-kings who hold the power of life and death. In this world, the gods are fearsome alien entities who could destroy entire civilizations on a whim, and the monsters are deadly and horrible. But despite the overwhelming darkness, there is hope. This is a time for heroes to emerge and fight against the evil and tyranny that threatens all of humanity. In Helkara, there are no limits to the bravery, strength, and cunning of those who would stand against the forces of darkness. The stage is set for epic battles and incredible adventures, will you be the hero that emerges from the shadows to lead the fight?

The Helkara Campaign Sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to the world of Helkara, offering a rich and detailed look at heroes, villains, settlements, technology, magic, and more in a system-agnostic setting. It provides valuable information and inspiration for players and game masters alike to explore this exciting world.

This is a pre-order. Expected delivery date March 2023. A PDF version of the book is available immediately after purchase.

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