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Gen Con 2017 Program Guide

Gen Con 2017 Program Guide

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Yes, this IS the sourcebook that includes the rules for Dinosaur Crawl Classics, the DCC conversion you heard about it! You can read the Dinosaur Crawl Classics designer’s notes right here  for more info!

One of the most popular releases of the year returns for the fifth year in a row! The Goodman Games Gen Con Program Guide is an annual compilation of one-off materials for fans of Dungeon Crawl Classics, and everything else Goodman Games publishes. This year’s huge 108-page issue includes these articles and features:

  • The Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis
  • 2016-2017 Mailing Labels by Stefan Poag and Brad McDevitt
  • Dinosaur Crawl Classics by Marc Bruner
  • The Return of Scravis by Marc Bruner
  • Lovercraftian Monsters for DCC by Jon Hook
  • The Thing That Should Not Be by Jon Hook
  • Sisters of the Moon Furnace by Marc Bishop
  • A Visual History of the Band by Doug Kovacs
  • Real Life Adventures: The Goodman Games 2017 Creative Retreat by Joseph Goodman
  • Real Life Adventures: The Alamo by Marc Bruner
  • Goodman Games Poster Contest by the Goodman Games Community
  • Con and Event Recap by the Goodman Games Community
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