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Exalted Funeral Press



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See Kergus right!

Ever wanted to go to the frozen, colourless wastes of Kergus? Fancy introducing your party of renegades and hopeless vagabonds to an oversized, selfish gangster running the underside of Galgenbeck? Then this is the pamphlet for you!

In Frozen Hellscape you can:

  • Enjoy a wonderful trip and dungeon crawl in a terrible cavern!
  • Explore the region of Kergus in 7 unique hexes!
  • Roll dice on a weather system, because yes... in the world of Mork Borg, even the weather wants you dead.

(Disclaimer: re Gizmo: realistically he is neither good nor bad... more importantly, I apologise for him. He will never die and will always be in the game regardless of what you do... sometimes with a relaxed mien and sometimes more hostile.)

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