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Flames of Freedom: Grim & Perilous RPG

Flames of Freedom: Grim & Perilous RPG

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Sale Sold out Recommends: “Flames of Freedom tabletop RPG mixes Hamilton with Stranger Things … one of the best new TRPGs released this year.” “Fight The Shadows Of American History With The Flames Of Freedom RPG… For fans of this era of history, or tabletop gamers looking to do something a little different with their next campaign, Flames of Freedom should be on your wish list.” "Overall? You don’t need Zweihander to play Flames of Freedom... The battle against the lurking occult horror and the tangled web of conspiracies that lace North America gets the thumbs up from me … The colonial Americans are fighting for independence from the British Empire... Below that surface war, though, there is another, and it is even darker. The supernatural is real, dangerous, and actively out to destroy or corrupt humanity. It’s this occult battle that is Flames of Freedom’s focus."

Tabletop Gaming Magazine: “Flames of Freedom is a game written with heapings of passion and a dogged kind of dedication that oozes from every page."


It is the dawn of the American Revolutionary War of 1776.

A tangled web of conspiracy spans North America. In the war for survival, it does not matter what your creed, color, culture, or gender is - all stand together. But as the Revolution has begun, something far more mysterious stirs. Agents of the occult entreat both the Continental Army and Red Coats. Freemasons conspire in the City of Brotherly Love. Maryland is in the throes of a witch hunt by the Knights Templar.

Reports of witches have been seen in the Great Dismal Swamp. Indigenous sachem say that devils walk among the living. Flesh-gobbling ghouls have been tunneling beneath Boston. The Pine Barrens of New Jersey is haunted by what the locals call the "Leeds Devil".

In this game, most people have either chosen to deny the supernatural or rationalize it away. A rare few accept it for what it is and act. You are among those heroes, and are destined for greatness . . . or death.

This American Gothic horror game includes most of what you need to play: a player's handbook, a game master's guide, a bestiary, and an introductory adventure with a sandbox campaign set in and around Boston. All that's left are a few friends, pencils, and a handful of dice.

Welcome to FLAMES OF FREEDOM, where your grim & perilous tale hangs in the balance!

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