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Enhance: Dice Tower & Tray

Enhance: Dice Tower & Tray

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ENHANCE Gaming Tabletop Series ENHANCE Dice Tower is the perfect addition to any gaming table for dice organization and adds a bit of thematic flair to your group's gaming session. Made from durable transparent acrylic, the dice tower was made for added organization and practical use at any gaming table

The see through design allows you to see your dice tumble down the inside of the tower for added suspense. The tower features 3 tumble levels to truly randomize your dice rolls so you don't ever have to worry about the legitimacy of rolls. The wide top opening and spacious rolling tray allow you to roll up to 14 dice at once, perfect for hurling those super dangerous fire balls and sleep spells. The castle crenellations and battlements add some medieval fortress style to your table, while saving your carefully positioned battle map props from being knocked over by any rogue d20's that you or other players happen to toss. A couple of our dice towers not only look great on your gaming table, but help the entire party and even the Dungeon Master keep their rolls under control.

ENHANCE your next gaming session with our Tabletop Series that includes tabletop RPG, board game, and card game accessories to improve the way you play your favorite games and hobbies.
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