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Dungeons & Lairs: Forest of Peril (PDF Only)

Dungeons & Lairs: Forest of Peril (PDF Only)

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Discover the mystical lands of the Forest of Peril, a complete campaign setting for Fifth Edition that transports players into a land of ancient trees, hidden groves, unique settlements, and magical creatures. Explore the forest’s secrets, battle terrifying monsters, and uncover the mysteries of the land’s past.


  • 12 new forest monsters
  • 5 Fifth Edition adventures
  • 3 detailed settlements
  • Regional exploration map
  • Weather and Travel mechanics
  • Random Encounter tables

Flexible and Scalable
The Forest of Peril is a scalable campaign setting for Fifth Edition that grows with players from levels 1 through 10. Start with novices and see them grow into seasoned adventurers as they explore the land’s secrets and confront its dangers. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned gamemaster, the Forest of Peril is the perfect setting to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

Includes Five Fifth Edition Adventures
The Forest of Peril offers five forest-themed adventures that are perfect for Fifth Edition play. Each adventure offers unique challenges, thrilling battles, and an immersive story. Explore the mysteries of the Fey Dragon Hollow, infiltrate the Hobgoblin Hideout, or battle terrifying monsters in Ettercap Forest.

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