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Exalted Funeral Press



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For weeks now, you have been hunting a vile heretic.

Tasked by the Inquisition of Galgenbeck to find this apostate and bring (at the very least) their heart back to the Great Cathedral so it may be put on trial and judged.

The hunt has taken you far from the Greatest City There Ever Was to the bleak swampland east of Lake Onda.

In the heart of the filthy marshes, you have come upon a keep overgrown and pulsing with an aura not of this Dying World. The heathen has surely taken refuge in this ruin. You’ll find them through the Doorway to Blasphemy.

Doorway to Blasphemy is the first adventure designed to be played with QVKE BORG: Foul Adventures in a Doomed Dimension - an expansion for MÖRK BORG. It is fully compatible with MÖRK BORG itself, but is intended to be used alongside the QVKE BORG expansion.

Inside you will find:

  • A bleak and foreboding keep filled with dark secrets and foul creatures.
  • The vile Heretic, whose schemes could bring about the end of the Dying World!
  • Artefacts from a realm beyond understanding.
  • Explosions!
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