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D&D 5e: Undercity Section A2 Megadungeon (PDF Only)

D&D 5e: Undercity Section A2 Megadungeon (PDF Only)

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This is a PDF only.

This module requires the Fifth Edition Core Rulebooks. Although it is section A2, you can play it as it is without the other sections of the dungeon, including parts A1.

Beneath the sprawling metropolis lies Undercity, a labyrinthine complex of ancient chambers, twisting corridors, and decrepit architecture that tells tales of forgotten civilizations. A mixture of rotting wood, rusted iron, and age-worn stone constitutes the bulk of its construction, with claustrophobic passages opening into grand halls supported by intricately carved columns. Hidden waterways filled with stagnant, murky water snake through the subterranean maze while an array of traps and hazards lie in wait for the unwary. The air is thick with the smells of dampness and decay, punctuated by chilling echoes and unsettling silence. Serving as a haven for the unspeakable—cultists, creatures, and malevolent entities—it remains a place shrouded in darkness, both literal and metaphorical, where the line between the mortal realm and other, darker planes of existence grows perilously thin. 

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