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Loke Battle Mats

D&D 5E: RPG Toolbox: The Veiled Dungeon

D&D 5E: RPG Toolbox: The Veiled Dungeon

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This toolbox contains The Veiled Dungeon. You can run this either as a standalone adventure for characters level 3-5, or as part of your own campaign.

The content is designed to be modular, allowing you to easily use the entire adventure as written, or take out any of the individual maps, areas, encounters, NPCs, or monsters to use as you see fit.

10 Double-sided Maps (11" x 17")
40 Monster Cards
1 Reference Book
  ‣ 100+ 5E Random Encounters
  ‣ 5E Adventure: "Raiders of the Cerulean Ruins"
  ‣ 40 Unique Monster Stats & Descriptions
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