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D&D 5E: Okkorim: The Heart of Chentoufi

D&D 5E: Okkorim: The Heart of Chentoufi

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The hunt for the Oculus of Senrahbah continues in this exciting sequel to The Eye of Chentoufi. The adventurers delve far beneath the ancient City of Chentoufi, the last remnant of the Ydrissid Empire that was extinguished eons in the past. They travel through the Kannat, a maze of service tunnels below the city, they discover the warded and sealed entrance to a long forgotten compound. The search has brought them to the edge of the Dahloom, the Everdark as its called in the Common Tongue, realm where surface dwellers rarely dare venture...

What secrets await them behind the portal? Will they discover the illusive artifact inside its walls or be drawn deeper into the Dahloom...
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