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Cy-Borg Asset Pack

Cy-Borg Asset Pack

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A bundle of game accessories for the CY_BORG PRG that'll make your cybernetic life somewhat easier at the table. A high-res map of CY with its sectors and blocks. Fillable character sheet. The location Pad - 34 one-page locations with adventure hooks. The one-page adventure Reaper Repo. Accessory Pack to CY_BORG Core Rulebook - A Nano-infested Doomsday RPG about cybernetic misfits and punks raging against the relentless corporate hell. CY_BORG is a complete rules-light, rage-heave tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG. A world constantly in flux; shifting, distorting, always reborn as something worse. Destruction by ecological catastrophes, the fallout of history's belligerence; by modern man-made miseries or the blook spilled by the reckless machine of capitalist supremacy. Mankind's greatest ability truly is to destroy itself in creative ways. Designer demise, consumer-customized death, endlessly on repeat. Poisonous space rocks, nuclear weapons, cyclical revolutions, warring nations, warring corporations, warring neighbors; pandemics, tsunamis, volcanoes, In Between it all: direct person-machine interfaces, tactical neural implants, and bacteria from outer space hijacking intercellular nanorobotics. And the sky is full of ads.

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