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Critical: Foundation (Season 1)

Critical: Foundation (Season 1)

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It's 2035, and the world has changed a little. Huge multinationals have taken over, and nanotechnologies are part of everyday life. Icarus was created to respond to the new challenges that this new way of life brings. Its goal: Investigate sensitive cases and undertake delicate operations.

Critical: Foundation (Season 1) is constructed like a television series, with each of the nine episodes taking 30 minutes to play. You can take on the role of Gamemaster, who directs the adventure, or play as one of the characters to put yourself in the story. The game provides an RPG-style experience with board game scaffolding via character cards and dice-based combat.

2-5 players
Ages 14+
30-300 minute play time

4 Character cards
8 Background cards
19 Equipment cards
34 Episode cards
8 non-player Character cards
10 Clue cards
8 Wound cards
15 Status cards
4 Name cards
32 Narrative tokens
4 Hero toens
5 Clue tokens
7 dice
1 dry-erase marker
1 Building plan
1 Gamemaster screen
9 Episode sheets
What is an RPG booklet
1 Season 1 synopsis booklet
1 rulebook
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