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G.I. JOE RPG: Cobra Codex Sourcebook

G.I. JOE RPG: Cobra Codex Sourcebook

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Cobra Wants You! The global criminal organization known as Cobra is recruiting, looking for the meanest and most ruthless potential operatives for their dastardly schemes. After all, the world isn’t going to take itself over! This sourcebook presents everything that players need to create a Cobra character, as well as everything a GM needs to run a Cobra campaign.

New character options for Cobra characters and Joes!
New Influences, Origins, and Focuses!
New equipment – including poison and toxins, experimental equipment, and shields.
Mutations and cybernetic equipment to customize your character!

New resources for Game Masters!
Ways to define Cobra as an organization and how each might impact your campaign.
New Threats and NPCs!
“Pressure” – an original mission for the new Cobra characters!

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