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Cypher System: Path of the Planebreaker

Cypher System: Path of the Planebreaker

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A cursed moon hurtles through the multiverse, crashing from one plane to the next, never at rest, forever fleeing a catastrophe that predates existence itself. Behold the Planebreaker!

The Planebreaker visits all planes, all demiworlds, and all dimensions. Some are known to sages and planar travelers. But in a multiverse stretching across epochs, the number of previously uncatalogued planes is vast. The Planebreaker races through all of them, in time, and the Path that trails behind it creates a route that links them all.

Path of the Planebreaker for Cypher System introduces this enigmatic interplanar object that unlocks access to the planes for characters of any tier. This book includes:
The Planebreaker and its fascinating city of Timeborne—home to refugees, planar travelers, and residents from across the planes. Base an entire campaign in Timeborne, or experience its intrigues as you pass through.
Dozens of exotic planes to explore. Venture into the Citadel of the Fate Eater, get lost in the Grove of Crows, or find despair in the Tomb of Tomorrow. They’re all connected by the Path, a sort of interplanar road that trails behind the Planebreaker.
New creatures, NPCs, cyphers, and artifacts for the GM to introduce. Plus two exciting, plane-hopping adventures that make it easy to introduce PCs to the Planebreaker and planar travel.
New playable species descriptors, foci, and abilities for players. Play a changeable Chimeran or concept-embodying Inkarnate who as stiches shadows or wields a chaos blade!
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