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Exalted Funeral Press

Convoke What Doom Ye Angels Hath Wrought

Convoke What Doom Ye Angels Hath Wrought

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Machinery infested death-fugue...

...powered by MÖRK BORG, brought to you by the minds behind Terror of the Stratosfiend, crapland., and The Tragedy That Begot Ternwillow, CWDYAHW! is a wild ride through desolation and back again.

Inside you will find out to:
Take control of a “Machination of Abaddon”, a titan of flesh and steel and bone.
Find your pilot, soul bound to your hulking stature.
Harness the “desolation triggers” by mining your own sadness to supercharge your walking fortress. - Scream in horror as metal beasts go berserk and ransack “forsaken townships”
Tattoo yourself with “flesh scrolls” and unlock power previously bound to demonic entities. - Feel the warping power of angels of lust, gluttony, violence, and fraud. Their existence is constant pain.
Crawl through the depths of “in broken earth”, discover the warring faiths of the wolf-devoted, and the organ faithful.
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