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Broadsword Issue 19

Broadsword Issue 19

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BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Issue #19 Highlights: Trapped in a haunted keep, a blizzard howls beyond the walls… A solitary ranger must escape a mystical wood, pursued by relentless enemies… The tomb of a corrupted paladin beckons to the unwary and the greedy… A mysterious orphanage, haunted by the souls of the damned… These adventures and more may be found in this issue of BroadSword Monthly!

Included in this action-packed issue of BroadSword Monthly:

  • 13 varied adventures for characters of level 3 to 13
  • 12 new monstrous foes
  • 7 new magic items
  • 4 new spells
  • New Sorcerous Origin: Ethereality
  • New Wizard Arcane Tradition: Ethereal Hunter


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