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DMDave Publishing

Broadsword Issue 15

Broadsword Issue 15

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From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Monthly Issue #15 (Print)!
BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Issue #15 Highlights: Warbis Sparkcoil is your average deep gnome: he enjoys long walks in the dark, tinkering with small magical constructs, and, of course, building terrifying weapons of mass destruction in his secret laboratory…

The famed explorer, Dr. Elias Kracket, and his trusty sidekick, Short Crank, recently discovered a map that supposedly led to a long-lost island far out at sea. Eager to map this unclaimed land, they chartered a boat and set sail for the distant horizon…

The infamous Captain Grisly, a fearsome pirate, is said to have buried his treasure on Asboro, the Isle of Oddities. Rumor has it that the map to his treasure can be found on the island within the wreck of his ship, etched directly onto the shell of his beloved pet: a menacing caustic snail which still roams the wreck in search of its master…

Included in this action-packed print issue of BroadSword Monthly:

  • Awaken – by DMDave
  • Warbis Sparkcoil’s Incredible Mechagnome – by John K. Webb
  • Jungle Heat – by Benjamin Palmer
  • Captain Grisly’s Treasure Hunt – by Alexander LaFort
  • 4 more thrilling adventures for 5e
  • 22 new creatures
  • 6 new magic items

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