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Broadsword Issue 13

Broadsword Issue 13

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DMDave, the internet's most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Monthly Issue #13!BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world's most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.In this exciting issue of BroadSword Monthly, you'll find Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings, a full campaign which takes characters from levels 1 to 7.A riveting mix of western and fantasy genres, Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings sees a group of characters-native to the region or not-handle the threat of the mysterious Wyvern Kings and their disrupting presence. Can the heroes discover their true identity and save the inhabitants of Vaskil Valley?Also included in this action-packed issue of BroadSword Monthly:22 new creatures - Meet new aberrations, dragons, constructs, beasts, and even a gunmage10 new magic items - Reward your players with a broad array of new items, including a magical firearm7 new firearms - This western-themed adventure features new rules for firearms4 new gun feats - Enhance your character and be a master of firearms2 new subclasses - Play as a College of the Taznarchi Performer Bard or an Anorian Gunmage Monk1 new spell - Cast an epic all-new 10th-level spellProduct Description: BroadSword Monthly Issue No. 13 / Size: 8.5″ x 11″ / Medium: softcover / Cover: color / Interior: black & white / Length: 136 pages

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