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Black Flag: ADV: Shadowdeep: Secrets of the Abyss

Black Flag: ADV: Shadowdeep: Secrets of the Abyss

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Brace yourself for Shadowdeep: Secrets of the Abyss, a spine-chilling odyssey designed exclusively for the Project Black Flag roleplaying system. In this heart-pounding one-shot adventure, you'll plunge into the darkest depths with your team of four 7th-level characters, where ancient horrors and 18 frozen monstrosities custom built for the Project Black Flag system await. It's a harrowing journey where only the most courageous will survive and thrive. Whether you choose to weave this nightmarish tale into your existing campaign or unleash it as a standalone shockwave, Shadowdeep promises to push the boundaries of your storytelling. As the puppeteer of dread, you'll test your players' mettle, send shivers down their spines, and etch a tale of terror that will haunt their dreams.

Are you ready to embrace the abyss?

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