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BESM: Dramatis Personae

BESM: Dramatis Personae

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In the myriad realms of imagination, there are an infinite number of intriguing characters to be discovered.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE presents 15 of them for use in your gaming adventures.

Volume #1 includes stats, backgrounds, personality profiles, and adventure hooks for 15 anime and manga characters, built up from the race and class templates introduced in BESM Fourth Edition, including:

• Android Battle-Maid
• Archfiend
• Broker
• Dark Elf
• Exorcist
• Fairy
• Giant Living Robot
• Homo Psyche
• Kodama
• Magical Girl
• Mecha Pilot
• Ninja
• Pet Monster Trainer
• Shapechanger
• Student


NOTE: The individual Dramatis Personae Volumes 1-5 are collected into a single volume (BESM Dramatis Personae Master Collection), which is also for sale on DTRPG.

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