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Ath Cliath: Riverfleet - A Deep Dive Gazetteer

Ath Cliath: Riverfleet - A Deep Dive Gazetteer

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This book takes a good close look at Riverfleet, the wealthiest part of the city of Ath Cliath, our fantasy version of the Viking-ruled future Dublin—and where its worst slums stand, too.

EVERY building is detailed, including hundreds of characters who live or work in them.

Within these pages you will find all you need to know about how the city works so that it can appear in your own roleplaying campaign!

  • Over 750 fully-detailed characters who live in the city, each with a Dirty Secret (back stories and adventure hooks).
  • Secret cabals who lurk in the city, and the schemes they’re planning.
  • Price lists for shops, rooming houses, inns, taverns, and eateries.
  • Thirty city blocks, a quarter of the city, detailed down to the last public well and the roofs of all the buildings.
  • Rising City Brands, the new and exciting products folk are flocking to buy.

In these pages, Ath Cliath truly comes alive. You can taste and smell it, and be a Viking among Vikings, or a Hibernian lurking to burn it all down or reclaim the Riverfleet Throne.


This is the last fantasy city you’ll ever need.


Welcome to endless adventure!

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