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Arc RPG (hardcover)

Arc RPG (hardcover)

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Stories you make and play in ARC run against a timer. While heroes navigate and transform the world around them, the real-time Doomsday Clock ticks to an irreversibly cataclysmic event.

  •  Manage your hours. The Doomsday Clock allows you to dictate literally how much time you need for your story.
  • Skill Checks allow for players' ingenuity.  Heroes are naturally adept at their skills, but players articulate how these are applied. Insightful solutions can ease the Threshold Number.
  • Pick-up-play with raised stakes. The tight rules, including unique initiative and story consequences for "death", fit on the back of the character sheet! The unique blend of real-time and in-story mechanics means, however, that games always have a sense of mission and purpose.
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