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Planet X



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Brutal tales of the desolate, unforgiving wasteland known as Howling Crater have long caused travelers and caravan masters to give it a wide berth, but now fresh accounts of depravity and madness have begun to circulate out of that forbidden wasteland. Deep within the barren recesses of the crater, a murderous family of inbred, mutated crater folk have begun to preach the gospel of the "the glory of the glow" and with it has come incurable sickness and murderous incursions across the land. Even stranger rumors have made the rounds as of late, whispering of a long-forgotten civilization of steel and fire, born in a swirling inferno of radioactive dust and powered by ancient alien astronaut-gods, lost deep within the crater's recesses. 

Can your characters fight their way past this mutated, maniacal cult of alien-worshipping hillbillies to explore the truth of Howling Crater? Do they dare penetrate the inner mysteries of an ancient crashed ship and put a stop to the biological terrors that now run loose? Will they discover the true, terrifying secret behind the horrible happenings at Howling Crater?!

An Occurrence at Howling Crater is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and vintage science fiction goodness cram-packed with b-movie, exploitation-era badassery to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers.  It’s a module that howls at you from across the gulfs of space and time, crash-landing onto your gaming table in a genre-bending fusion of heroic fantasy, sci-fi savagery and super-science!

It is designed for a group of player characters who are levels 7-9, but is easily scalable for lower or higher challenges. 

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